It’s been a while since the foodies have written here – really busy Winter and Spring, but here goes…  It seems that Spring has brought up a new crop of food trucks and trailers here in beautiful Knoxvegas.  Everything from gourmet fare to Carribean to BBQ to weenies and just about everything in between.  And we think it’s GREAT !!!  Coming from a place where food is a major part of social life, food trucks can only add to the social scene here, bringing together lots of folks for great food and socializing.

There are some standouts – Savory and Sweet Truck is a perennial favorite, offering vegetarian and meat-atarian items, the Bulgogi Tacos rock ;  Poutine Mobile is killer Canadian comfort food, I mean, how bad can it be, fries, cheese and gravy, for God’s sake; Breezy Weenie does a great, big dog with some good toppings plus a really nice pulled pork and some good specials; Forks on the Road’s sliders are excellent and well-priced, too….

So, we’re seeing the beginnings of a food culture here in our Scruffy Little City…  The food’s not so scruffy any more….  The Foodies say ” Find a food truck and eat there – you won’t be disappointed……

Oh – they got a website too – http://www.knoxvillefoodtrucks.com    It’s got a calendar and schedule for all the permitted trucks in the city.  Check it out.


I am soooooo glad that El Charro is staying on Kingston Pike !!!  This has been a favorite haunt of ours since we came to Knoxvegas many years ago….  Snuck out yesterday and had lunch with them.  Excellent food, as usual, great service from a waiter with a sense of humor.  The Foodies say “Hey, let’s make sure they stay with us – EAT THERE !!”


Me and  Mrs. Foodie celebrated our 31st wedding anniversary last evening at the Bonefish Grill on Kingston Pike.  It was pretty busy, but we were seated right away.  I got the new Cold Snap Ceviche served in a glass made of ice.  Nice touch, fresh veggies, fresh seafood, very pleasant.  Mrs Foodie got the Bang Bang shrimp, which were as good as always.  Seafood was the word for the day for entrees – Talapia Imperial and Shrimp and Scallops.  Both with mushroom ravioli and shredded acorn squash.  Very nice meal…  nice atmosphere…  Excellent service – our waitress was a charming Wisconsin-transplant named Kristin, who was very attentive and knowledgeable.  The Foodies say “Enjoy Bonefish Grille” !!!


Yeah, I know…..  A Chinese buffet….. Reallllllly ?  Well, we were in the mood, what can I say.  Make a long story short, it was clean as a whistle, the service was excellent, even though our waitress was a little hard to understand, and the food was good.  No complaints.  The sushi came out quickly, the tuna tataki was cooked beautifully, the salmon and albacore sashimi was buttery and wonderful…  Even the “beef sashimi” was very tender and tasty.  The Foodies had a nice experience, so, we say “Go there !!”


The Foodies had a chance to visit this Knoxville landmark today for a short business meeting.  Lunch time.  Crowded doesn’t begin to tell it.  Anyway, placed our order with an exceptionally pleasant young woman who explained the menu and the specials of the day.    Food was delivered very quickly and was received nice and warm.  Now, the mac and cheese was great, the  brocolli and cheese casserole was like Mom used to make.  The fried chicken was a little dry, however.  Possibly due to being prepped in advance for the lunch rush.  Don’t get me wrong, the taste was excellent, but the meat was a little dry for my taste.  The ribs, on the other hand, were dynamite.  Sauce was good, meat was tender as a mother’s love.  Will we go back ?  The Foodies say “Sure, what the heck – why not…”


The Foodies have been meaning to get out to the Riverview Grill for some time, but, well, you know how it is…  I got there today with Foodie JR and OH MY GOD, where has this little place been all my life ??!!  The Owner used to be the Proprietor of one of our favorite haunts, so it’s no surprise the food is good, but the Bar-B-Q is just outrageous !!  Big, smoky portions of pulled pork and ribs, excellent light hush puppies, potato salad – yum. Foodie JR says best ribs he’s ever had and, believe you me, this kid has had some ribs !!  As you enter, you get the smells of hickory and oak smoke, with crusty meat dripping on the fire.  I’m telling you, it was carnivore Nirvana.

And a word about our waitress – Brianna. A charming, home-grown cutie with a personality to match. Delightful service with a big smile.  The Foodies appreciate that. 

And the view of the river is particularly pleasant, there’s a veranda to sit on and admire the scenery.

All in all, an excellent experience that we’re gonna repeat this weekend.  Taking Mrs Foodie and Foodie Dad there to sample the fare.  They’ll be impressed too.  The Foodies say “YA GOTTA GO THERE !!”


Dear Knoxville Foodies:

Thank you for writing to us. At Olive Garden, we’re thrilled to learn when we’ve delighted our guests!

One of our goals at Olive Garden is to provide a genuine Italian dining experience. We were so happy to learn Ryan exceeded your expectations by expressing genuine care and concern that you were enjoying your meal.

Our General Manager and the entire team at our Kingston restaurant will share in recognizing Ryan for a job well done serving you this past Saturday.

The team will also be so happy to know how much you all enjoyed your entrees, especially the Pappardelle Pescatore.  Also, we are so sorry to hear about the accidental spill by our server at your table! It is great to hear this did not spoil your visit out for the day!

We know you have a choice when it comes to selecting a restaurant and appreciate your having chosen us. Our ongoing commitment is to always treat you like a valued member of the Olive Garden family.


Olive Garden Guest Relations