I know, I know….  what in the hell are you doing reviewing a casino buffet ?  Kinda silly, right ?  Well,the Foodies took a road trip today and went over the hill to Cherokee.  Lose a little $$ at the slots and have some seafood.  I gotta tell you, the shrimp were excellent, seasoned well and cooked right, so were the mussels and even the crab legs were good.  Not my favorite thing, but they were done well.  Jerry the waiter was exemplary.  Excellent service, friendly attitude – all around good waiter.  I’m gonna write the casino manager and tell him about Jerry.  Too many times, restaurants only hear the bad shit – so, I’m gonna tell him that he has a good employee.  And that his buffet was really quite good…  The Foodies say “WHY NOT !!”


The Foodies just LOVE Middle Eastern food and, let me tell you, Holy Land Market on Sutherland Av really delivers the goods !!!  Denise hand makes about 92 different flavors of hummus (not really 92, but a lot…), hand-rolled dolmades, olives in big 5-gallon buckets, and on and on….  I could talk about these guys all day long.  The fattoush and tabbouleh are wonderful, fresh and delicious.  The Foodies say “Ya gotta go to the Holy Land !!”  Talk to Walter and Denise, they are super nice folks and, man, can they cook !!!!


The Foodies had the opportunity to be in Madisonville this morning.  Siting on the courthouse square is Donna’s Old Town Cafe’.  Lunchtime was upon us, so we figured “What the heck” – always liked small town eateries.  And we were not disappointed.  In this ages-old building, Donna’s Old Town Cafe’ offers the qunitessential lunch buffet – fish, country ham, chicken smothered in a white gravy that simply made me weep with joy….  Sauteed zucchini, homemeade mac and cheese… Anyway, you ge the idea.  And the nicest waitresses I’ve come across in some time.  That small town friendliness that the Foodies wish everyone had.  The Foodies say “Set a spell and enjoy a slice of small town America – the food’s GOOD !!”


Had the pleasure of having dessert crepes at the First Friday Food Truck event.  Absolutely delicious.  Not fast, but who cares !!  We’ve enjoyed the food at this trailer several times now, and each time the result is the same – good food, pleasant conversation – an enjoyable experience.  The trailer appears to be clean as a whistle, well set up, producing crepes the French way – on the large round crepe cooker.  Don’t know what you call it, but the cooker and that little spatula looking thing make nice thin crepes – just the way you want them. 

Would have liked to have seen more trucks there, but I think  that’ll happen as the city gets used to the mobile food scene.  The future looks bright for food trucks here in K-town, I’m sure of it…

About Farm-to-Griddle Crepes, the Foodies say “Don’t miss It !!”



One of our “guilty pleasure” haunts, Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant never fails to deliver just the right dose of Mexican comfort food just when you need it.  Located in a small strip center just off John Sevier Hwy, this hole in the wall is just what the Foodies ordered for good food at a good price.  Now, don’t misunderstand, the burritos are massive, the parrillada dip is just greasy enough to satisfy any craving, and the Vallarta Salad is plenty enough roughage for the week.  Nice people, too.  Good, no, exceptional service.  The waitstaff are very attentive, especially to the very young and Senior Citizens.  Much appreciated when you have both.  The Foodies say “Bring your family and enjoy !!”


“Holy Cannoli !!!

Go there every chance we get. Nice atmosphere, good service and the pastries are killer !!!  Kinda like Starbucks – no, wait – not like Starbucks at all, and that’s a good thing.  Little intimate joint with interesting art on the walls, kinda funky, but We like that sort of thing.  Outside seating when the weather is nice is very pleasant.  My son said it best – “Holy Cannoli, Dad !!”  (He thought the Barista was HOT).   The Foodies say “Can’t Miss It !!”


The Foodies have been going to the Best since 1985, when a Russian-Italian Jew from New York named Leonard Kalt ran the joint.  It was him, his wife Mama Della, and his son Jeff.  We became fast friends and, even though Leonard is long gone, Della lives in New York and Jeff is in Las Vegas, the Best is still a great place to go.  The garlic rolls are simply wonderful, the antipasto salad is fresh and delightful.  And, wow, what a pizza.  It’s not cheap, but who cares.  Great food and, for the Foodies, wonderful memories.    We say “Next time you’re in the Smokies, go there !!”